How Long Does An Office Renovation In Singapore Take?

Your contractor has no control over how long an HDB/Condominium renovation would take. It is shocking and we realise it. In actuality, homeowners decide how long a renovation job will take overall. For HDB/Condominiums, the actual remodeling process only takes two months. However, a lot of HDB and condo owners in Singapore drag out the procedure. You can find cheap office renovations Singapore easily.

How Long A Renovation Takes, Broken Down

During a renovation, there is a particular sequence to follow. Here is a brief explanation of how a refurbishment project in Singapore went.

Keep in mind, though, that the timescale is only an estimate. Each homeowner has different requirements. For instance, we can cut down on renovation time by two weeks if a client does not need carpentry services.

We may need to expedite things if a homeowner has given us a short timeline to work with or if they have an urgent need to move into their new house.

The Housing Development Board (HDB) of Singapore also issues one-month remodeling permits and permits one-month extensions. However, only three days are reserved for loud renovation tasks like tile-hacking.

As contractors, we make every effort to adhere to the schedule. But occasionally, things do not go as planned.

Why Renovations Usually Take Three Months Or Longer

While HDB and condominium renovations typically take two months, the typical Singaporean home renovation takes three months. The extra month—or perhaps longer—is merely decision-making downtime for the homeowner.

Chronic renovation analysis paralysis manifests as:

The majority of the time, we have had to halt the entire remodeling because the owners cannot settle on the type of cabinets they want or how they should look. Designs occasionally change as a result of spending reductions made by homeowners. As a result, the renovation is delayed by these.

Of course, most Singaporean homeowners only undertake renovations once or twice throughout their lifetimes. Examining every detail of your new home is not something to underestimate. Additionally, remodeling is not a cheap endeavor. It should be done correctly the first time.

Consider The Following Advice To Get Rid Of Renovation Analysis Paralysis 

Implementing A Renovation Plan

Start organising any ideas you may have for your home three months before you receive your keys. Create a Pinterest mood board with images of inspiration that you can discuss with your interior designer.  The amount you are prepared to set aside for the renovation should be discussed with your family.

List a few interior designers you might wish to collaborate with during this planning phase. Consult with friends and relatives for recommendations.

Be sure to read reviews if you find a builder or interior designer you like. Second, all contractors and interior designers need to be properly licensed to work. Consider hiring an interior contractor that complies with occupational health and safety regulations for our employees and holds HDB contractors and BCA builder’s licenses.

With your project and money, you should be able to put your trust in the designers. Consider requesting for quotations and a few house views from the interior designers making it into your shortlist. Compare designs and quotations. Choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. (Pro-tip: For the finest visualisation experience, try our virtual reality home tour.) 

To Sum It Up 

Consider making the most of these tips to help you renovate your office based on your specific needs and requirements. It would be ideal to hire the best commercial interior designer for your office remodelling needs. 


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